Archipelago Addition

Project by Argyriou Konstantinos

An apparent quality of Vippetangenis its isolation. Eventhough it is technically at the heart of the city, it does notfunction as an organic part of the fabric. Rather than “correcting” this lack of connectivity, my intention is to turn the isolation of Vippetangen into an advantage.

Resisting urban sprawl as an extension of the dense city center – my project celebrates its existence as uniquely connected to Hovedøya and the other islands of the fjord.

The Vippetangen I envision belongs to the Oslofjord archipelago as much as the rest of the actual islands, not by constructing specific relationships, but rather by a typological identity and kinship. As semi-isolated environments, the islands are connected by containment of unique communities of houses, services, recreational spaces, surrounded by wild and domestic nature.

Adding to this archipelago, I propose a recreational and educational hub at Vippetngen, to play an active role in the everyday life of Oslo’s inhabitants. The friction found by existing buildings on site is not used to strengthen the connections with the city fabric ,but rather to establish their own new order by a central “plaza”. The blue -green structures -recreated and new -canals, parks and “rewilding” areas, function as buffer zones between Vippetangen and the rest of the harbor development, ensuring the preservation of its semi-autonomous nature.

Silo as photography exhibition space (museum).