Linear City

Project by Jelle Boone

Silo as ferry terminal + hotel.

Vippetangen cannot be regarded as a place with a clear identity.  It belongs to the islands, the fjord, the water, the castle, the cruise ships, the tourists, the military, the city and its citizens. Its ambiguity can be its strength, but if to be developed it has to be regarded as one thing more than the other. That does not mean that the other identities are to be discarded, but they are given less significance as of now.

First and foremost, Vippetangen’s identity is that it is as part of the city, and the structuring principle follows that of the existing consolidated city centre; the grid. This structuring principle is meant to reconnect the harborfront edge and promenade with the adjacent city,  as an extension of an existing structural logic.

As Vippetangen now is an integral part of downtown, it can accommodate all the other previously mentioned identities and situations through the idea of the “city”.

The main aim of the intervention is to be an extension of the city, a new civic edge-space towards the fjord that is unprogrammed, opposing to the spatial logics of the established ‘Fjordcity’, a prescriptive buffer between the ‘old’ city and the fjord. This unprogrammed space will, over time be fuelled by program, people and infrastructure from the city surrounding it.

Existing harbour infrastructures on both the west and east-side are moved to the tip of the peninsula, opening up the edge between land and sea, leaving empty a new civic edge-space, as space for a public imagination. The east side is backed by a strip of new possible public programs that do not subscribe to an idea of the creative city. While the west is converted to a continuous urban beach.