ReWilding Vippetangen

Project by Beili Chen

The Decomposition and New Life.

This project aims to explore the concept of the urban regeneration both above and below water. Instead of new constructions, is there alternative options? Vippetangen, largely a landfill, covered by asphalt by humans during phases of industrialization, hiding a huge ecological potential. With this as a trigger, my project aims to reorganize the different found elements in the area to form a coherent ecological process. – reconnecting human and natural needs in the city. The production of oyster along the waterfront will build the ecological base for the food production and the habitat for other marine creatures, coupled with the transformation of the old fish market and silo building as a vertical farm, and the ocean garden for kelp production to the north. The Oslo tunnel, which is a integral part of city transport system and there to stay, will function as a sub structure or scaffolding, organizing the ocean garden with its pathways and islands. As part of the promenade along the waterfront, Vippetangen will establish a new identity of ecology, recreation, food production, pedagogy and awareness.

Silo as vertical farm and visitor centre.