Terme Vippetangen

Project by Tomasso Genco 

Vippetangen is located on the edge of the peninsula Akersneset, in close contact with the Fjord. In spite of its location between Pipervika and Bjørvika, Its industrial vocation and historical makes it peripheral to the city center area. The coming conversion of Akersneset from industrial to public purposes makes the area, in my opinion, fragile for development.

For these reasons, my intervention attempts to reconnect it to the city, starting with the architectural heritage represented by the Vippetangen silo. The present silo is a precious testimony of the recent industrial past of the area, as a monument and landmark. The Silo is the protagonist for development, an point of departure for developing and extending its ground floor areas to accommodate new public programs.

By utilizing the classical schemes of the Roman baths and the Greek agora, and re-adapting them in context of the silo and adjacent areas, I have created a system of interconnected spaces of different qualities and types: Open and covered public spaces such as the square and the arcade, commercial spaces like the food court, as well as both spaces for collective interactionand individual meditation. The water theme and the relationship with the waterfront in various forms is prevalent. The Silo tube swimming pool creates a liquid edge between land and water, and utilize the vertical tubes to provide natural light and atmosphere. South of the Silo, there is a public swimming pool, that overlooks the fjord. From the silo, a covered path runs southwards into the fjord. The water path is leveled to the water surface, connecting the silo pier with Hovedøya and creating pedestrain access to the island.

With this intervention, the Vippetangen area is no longer a peripheral, isolated area on the edge of the city, but is repopulated with new public functions.

Silo as bathhouse / public pool.